Does KIDZ on Ice offer trial classes?

Currently, we do not offer parents the option of trying our classes before enrolling. However, we do invite parents to watch classes they are thinking of enrolling their child in. We run our programs from Monday to Sunday (check with our website for specific times).

What is your make-up policy?

Due to the high enrollment rate of our classes and the teaching process involved, we cannot schedule make-ups during other classes.

Can skates be rented at your facility?

No, the Sports Village does not have skates or any skating equipment for rent. It is highly recommended you purchase new skates for your child.

What type of skates do I purchase?

It depends on the direction your child will take once he/she learns the fundamentals of skating. The two directions are Hockey or Figure Skating. The skates should be leather, with laces (no buckles or velcro) and proper ankle support. Please, ensure your child’s skates are sharpened before their first lesson if they have not been sharpened in a while.

How do I dress my child for the lessons?

We recommend wearing slush pants or snowsuit, to ensure your child stays dry and comfortable. In addition, mittens or gloves must be worn to keep your child’s hands warm and dry.

At what age can my child start skating lessons on their own?

Your child can start lessons as early as 3 1/2 years. Our Pre-School 1 program is designed for children 3-1/2 to 5 years.

My child is only 2-1/2 years but is showing an interest in learning. Can I register my child?

Yes. We offer the Kidz ‘N You program for children as young as 2-1/2 years. This program is structured so that a parent/guardian (18+ years) assists on the ice with the child. The adult’s role is to assist the child with the lesson being taught by the coach and to provide moral support for the child.

Note: It is mandatory that the parent/guardian wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet (the cage is optional for the parent) and the parent will be required to sign a waiver.

Does my child need to wear a helmet during skating lessons? How is it supposed to fit?

YES, your child needs to wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet with a full-face cage. The helmet should fit snug with very little movement from side to side. The chin guard should rest right under the chin. Most helmets can be loosened or tightened on the back and/or sides with the use of a screwdriver. We recommend no hat under the helmet because if it fits correctly, you will not be able to fit a hat under the helmet.

If an Adult Skater or a Parent/Guardian is going on the ice, do they need to wear a helmet with face cage?

Yes, but face cage is optional. Adults/Parents/Guardians are required to wear a CSA-approved hockey helmet.

What is expected on the first day of classes?

We recommend you come at least 20 minutes earlier in order to understand the procedures. We will have a KIDZ on Ice table set up in the main lobby on the first day of classes. Please look for us so you can pick up your child’s label that is required for his/her helmet, the program schedule, and other important information.

Can I leave the building, even briefly, while my child is having their lesson?

Absolutely NOT. It is very important that you remain in the building in case your child asks to be taken off the ice for whatever reason or for an emergency situation. You must be accessible to us and your child should there be a need.

When my child’s class is finished will you send him/her to me in the lobby?

We release the child at the rink door they came on before class began. It is important parents remember their child’s gate of entrance. All staff are trained to make contact with the parent at the entrance gate before releasing the child.

Is Parent Teacher interview important?

Absolutely YES. The interview will provide you with your child’s progress and guide you as to what level you can register him/her for the upcoming session. As our programs fill up quickly, we recommend that once you know your child’s progress and have intentions for him/her to continue with lessons, that you register as soon as possible to ensure you get the day and time that suits you best.

Does KIDZ On Ice offer Private lessons?

YES. Private lessons are sold in increments of 4 classes.  If more classes are required, parents call in to rebook additional classes. A 24-hour notice is required by our office if your child cannot attend their private class. If you do not provide the office with 24-hour notice you will be charged for one class.

What circumstances warrant Private lessons?

Personal preference

Re-enforcement of skills/techniques

Better focus with one-to-one ratio

Special needs


Will KIDZ on Ice save me a spot in a class if I have not provided them with payment?

NO unfortunately.   Once a registration is received by fax, e-mail, telephone or in person, we will process it immediately. The registration is processed if payment goes through successfully. The system will automatically bump out registrations that have monies outstanding. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


We love feedback – Feel free to contact us in person, by phone or email with any inquiry that you need to address.  We’ll put our “Skates on” to respond to your inquiry as soon as we can!